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Chimney Experts to "The White House"

We're not a huge faceless internet site. There are real people here and we're here to take your call personally, 301-972-8558.

Chimney and fireplace projects cannot always be diagnosed from our remote location. If you have a large or challenging job, we will travel to your site any where in the US if the scope of your project requires our hands-on services and your budget will accomodate our travel expenses. Otherwise we highly recommend you use the services of a local professional to assess your fireplace needs and to perform installation of stoves, fireplaces and chimney products. We do recognize, however, that a local professional is not always available in all areas or that the local pro's knowledge may not extend to your particular needs. In this case we'll do our best to offer you the best possible advice and the product to do the job! Just give us a call, 301-972-8558.

We are a full service company serving the Montgomery, Frederick, and Howard Co. Maryland area including Upper North West Washington, DC since1980. We've done many projects for government buildings, including several for the White House. We offer the same care and professionalism at YOUR house.

We offer masonry repair and new construction with brick and stone:

  • We rebuild or repair all types of masonry chimneys that are damaged by either old age, lightning or fire. Careful attention is paid to match your existing brickwork and mortar to
    ensure a uniform look.
  • We build new chimneys and fireplaces.
  • We design and build Rumford/Prior Fire type fireplaces in new or existing fireplaces to increase heat output efficiency and to solve smoking problems.
  • We solve water penetration problems and guarantee results.
  • We install new hearths and fireplace surrounds.
  • We rebuild and/or repair fireboxes and smoke chambers. 

Sugarloaf Chimney Restoration

Jerry Neal, President
C.S.I.A. Certified Chimney Sweep # 729,  C-DET Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician # 5, N.F.I. Certified Gas Specialist #135480, Dealer for Ahrens Chimney Technique # 1; National Chimney Sweep Guild Member;  Member, New York Chimney Sweep Guild, member Poolesville, MD Chamber of Commerce.



Suzanne Neal, Vice-President of Sugarloaf Enterprises, Inc., the charming voice on the phone!


Keith Neal- Third generation Masonry Contractor; President Liberty Home Crafters, Inc.

Chimney Inspection and Consulting Services; Chimney Cleaning; Dryer Vent Cleaning and inspection, U.L. listed Cast in Place Masonry and Stainless Steel Chimney Relining. Gas Appliance Sales, Service and Installation. Masonry Fireplace Construction, repair and renovation. Brick, Block and Stone construction and repair work. Fireplace Mantel Sales, installation and renovation. Internal Closed Circuit Chimney Inspection.  N.F.P.A. Level 1 and Level 2 Chimney Inspection. Outdoor Masonry Fireplaces and Grills. Masonry Mailboxes. Waterproofing services on masonry chimneys.

Need something else? Call us, we probably do it!

Chimney Lining and Restoration
We use a U.L. listed cast in place masonry or a flexible stainless steel lining system for Oil, Gas, Propane, Pellet, Coal or wood heating equipment.

Chimney lining can increase appliance efficiency, prevent early deterioration of the flue liner. Highly recommended for masonry chimneys that have had a new furnace, boiler or hot water heater installed since 1992.

Chimney Sweeping and Inspections
We use a powerful vacuum that prevents any soot, dust or debris from entering your home atmosphere during our thorough Chimney Cleaning process, actually preventing the soot and dust from leaving the firebox. All of our equipment is designed by sweeps for containing this particular type of debris. We lay clean drop cloths in front of your appliance to protect your flooring and hearth. Brushes are typed and sized to fit your chimney flue's materials and dimensions exactly for the best possible effect on soot removal. Every chimney and appliance serviced receives a NFPA Level 1 chimney inspection.  We check for proper clearances (in visible areas) on stoves, smoke pipe, inserts and prefab chimneys.

Closed Circuit Internal Chimney and Venting System Evaluations
Our color closed circuit video inspection service provides you with visual documentation of the inside of your chimney flue. This camera can find any damage, deterioration, and cracks, missing mortar joints, broken tiles, blockage or any other problem area in your flue. We can provide you and/or your Insurer with videotape for any Insurance requirements or claims.

Many historic homes feature small fireplaces that are shallow in depth, narrow in width, and vent to unlined chimneys. We offer a large variety of gas coal effect fires that are perfect for use in these historic homes. We offer a range of products and services to bring these fireplaces back to their original look and can also upgrade them with products using today's technology to help provide you not only with great looks but extra heat as well.

A Victorian ''stick style'' dwelling, was constructed from pre-cut and labeled materials which were shipped on a barge and assembled on site. In 1876, when the Keepers' House was completed, two keepers and their families shared the duplex in this isolated seaside setting. The keepers were removed in 1939 after the Lighthouse was automated and attendants were no longer needed to clean the lenses, trim the wicks, fueled the lamp, and wind the clockwork mechanism which rotated the beacon. The house and grounds were leased to Outer Banks Conservationists, Inc. in 1980 for purposes of historic preservation.

In 1998, we restored all the fireplaces in the Lighthouse Keepers house and lined the chimneys with Ventinox chimney liners. We also tuckpointed the brick foundation and replaced the vent covers. To retain the historic authenticity of the house, we dug local beach sand and mixed it into our mortar. It retains its original charm and will assure the Keepers House will remain standing for future generations to visit.


In the mid-1980's we undertook an extensive renovation project at the Old South Mountain Inn near Middletown, MD. This historic property, built in the1700's, served as an inn and tavern, and collected tolls from travellers on passage to the west. It sits atop South Mountain and survived the Civil War Battle at South Mountain. We lovingly restored 3 chimneys and their Rumford style fireplaces. For nearly 300 years the chimneys did not draft properly, making the tavern smoky for all the inn's visitors. We installed Exhausto fans, which solved their drafting problems, during the restoration. The Inn today enjoys robust open hearth fires and all the smoking problems have been solved.

We also offer restoration of commercial chimneys. In 1997 we relined a 120 foot tall chimney for Verizon Communications in College Park. This was a massive project that involved lining with Ahrens Chimney Technique, a cast in place masonry chimney lining method. It was at that time the largest commercial project ever undertaken; we reduced a 33" x 33" square chimney opening to 28" round on a chimney 120 feet tall. From this project, Ahrens' new parging material, Chamber Tech 2000, was developed to protect the lower 14' of this chimney where the exhausts from 2 diesel powered generators breeched the chimney. A man was actually lowered into the chimney and the mix as hand packed, one foot at a time, all the way up. The chimney was poured in just 2-1/2 days and special techniques designed for and used on this project saved Verizon about $100,000 over other repair techniques in use at the time. The entire project was completed in just one week, and this old building maintains its historic industrial design and appeal. Today, chimney sweeps across the country have used truckloads of Chamber Tech 2000 to parge smoke chambers in fireplaces of all shapes and sizes.

We've been at the forefront of helping develop and utilize the latest innovations in the design and repair of chimneys and fireplaces for more than 2 decades, from the home of the first lady to the family down the street. Please give us a call today at 301-972-8558 to find out how we can help with your fireplace or chimney design.




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