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Why You NEED a Thermometer!

Seven intelligent reasons why every woodstove owner should use a stovepipe thermometer.

  • Safety-- At a glance, the thermometer tells you if your fire is burning too hot, with the danger of a chimney fire. Or too cool, with incomplete combustion, which causes smoldering woodsmoke to condense as hazardous creosote.
  • Extends Life of Catalytic Combustors
    Excessive smoke or excessive heat will degrade a catalytic combustor. Without a thermometer, you're merely guessing at conditions in your firebox. A small investment in a stovepipe thermometer can pay handsome dividends, by guarding against premature replacement of expensive combustors.
  • Less Frequent Chimney Cleaning-- Creosote, the bane of stovepipes, builds up surprisingly rapidly, especially in airtight stoves, when fires burn at consistently low temperatures. Stovepipes from non-cat stoves should always be equipped with thermometers-to enable the owner to avoid operating conditions where creosote builds up and causes frequent cleaning of the flue.
  • Longer-Lasting Fires-- When woodstoves burn too hot, flue gases rush up the chimney and valuable heating energy is lost forever. An inefficient fire leads to unnecessary reloadings of fuel.
  • Saves Money-- Catalytic combustors. Chimney cleaning. Wood. A thermometer for your woodstove saves you needless expenses-- and effort--over the years, by teaching you how to operate your stove at best efficiency and lowest total cost.
  • Conserves Wood Resources-- If for no other reason, you should monitor your stove's combustion in order to avoid unnecessary waste of fuel. An efficient fire helps conserve America's wood resources.
  • Environmental Air Quality-- Burn smart--burn clean. The woodstove owner who burns efficiently contributes to our common goal to reduce our country's air pollution. Older woodstoves especially require thermometers to control smoke emissions. Owners of new stoves benefit, too, by using a thermometer to help optimize stove performance.

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