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Top Mount Fireplace Dampers

Lyemance top mount fireplace dampers are useful in situations where the existing fireplace damper is absent or broken, or to substitute for an ill-fitting bottom mount cast iron fireplace damper. Tightly seals fireplace flue to reduce heat loss up the chimney.

lyemance damper installationLyemance Dampers may provide $100 or more in fuel savings per year over traditional dampers. Keeps out snow, rain, animals and debris in the closed position, where this damper is barely visible from ground level so it offersan attractive, low-profile damper. When you're ready to light a fire, simply pull the spring loaded handle and the damper snaps open to vent smoke and fumes.

The damper is attached to the chimney's clay tile liner with adhesive (included). Operated by a stainless steel cable which extends down the inside of the chimney flue and is attached to a hook mounted in the front of the fireplace.

NOTE: to mount dampers are not to be used on fireplaces serving vented gas appliances or serving wood or gas stoves.

Lyemance damper ships with silicone adhesive for installation to attach to top of flue tile liner; 32' cable & bracket to attach on inside fireplace wall.

Available in 8 sizes - see pricing and order details below. Flue liner dimensions may vary by 1" greater or smaller than the damper dimensions.



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