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Lock Top II
Top Mount Fireplace Dampers

Lock Top II
Stainless steel chimney cap with built-in Lock Top damper.

This is a favorite of all the top mount damper designs we offer. It is made of stainless steel, uses a less restrictive spring-loaded horizontal plate that moves up and down vertically to open or shut the flue (rather than pivoting into the flue), and provides a mesh screen to keep birds and critters out of the chimney if the damper is left open.

One reason that these top mount dampers are more effective than a regular bottom mount damper is  the silicone gasket seal, providing a more air-tight seal when closed. This keeps heated and cooled air inside of your home rather than allowing it to escape up the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. When you're ready to light a fire, a simple pull on the spring-loaded handle (which mounts inside of your fireplace opening) opens the damper. Lifetime Warranty.

Note: These dampers are specifically designed for woodburning fireplace flues and should not be used on flues servicing wood or coal stoves or on fireplaces serving gas logs.

Lock Top II damper/chimney cap ships with silicone adhesive for installation to attach to top of flue tile liner; 32' cable & bracket to attach on inside fireplace wall.

Available in 6 sizes - see pricing and order details below. Measure your flue tile liner for the right damper to fit your chimney.