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Chim-A-Lator Dampers
Top Mount Fireplace Dampers

CHIM-A-LATOR DELUXE Fireplace Dampers
Proven more reliable than bottom mount cast iron dampers; easier to operate and more efficient to save your energy dollars from being wasted up the chimney. 6 damper handle settings allow you to adjust the damper opening.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Fast & easy to install
  • In open position, it protects from wind, rain, leaves, birds and animals from entering your chimney; in closed position it helps keep out insects and keeps the warm air inside your home.
  • Shielded cable for years of service; standard 30' cable included
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: try it for 30 days and if you're not completely satisfied, send it back for a full refund!
  • 17 Stock Sizes
  • Options to fit oval flues, odd flues, short flue tiles or chimneys with no flue tile
  • Personally, this is our favorite top mount damper system!

operating a chimalatorA cable extends down the chimney into the fireplace where the action lever handle allows easy opening and closing of the damper.

Available in the largest number of stock sizes, the Chim-A-Lator  is made of stainless steel and uses a less restrictive spring-loaded horizontal plate that moves up and down vertically to open or shut the flue. Stainless steel mesh screen keeps birds and critters out of the chimney if the damper is left open.


Note: These dampers are specifically designed for woodburning fireplace flues and should not be used on flues servicing wood stoves or on fireplaces serving gas logs.

for a CHIM-A-LATOR DELUXE Top Mount Fireplace Damper

- Measure OUTSIDE dimensions of flue tile liner to determine size needed. Pick your size, which can vary by 1" greater or smaller than the base size of the Chim-A-Lator.
- Measure how far the flue tile liner protrudes above the chimney crown. If less than 1.25", please add a flue liner extension to your order.

Flue tile liner extension can also be used to adapt the Chim-A-Lator to oval flues or other odd size configurations. You'll need this part if your flue tile liner extends less than 1-1/4" above the mortar crown. See order details below.

Click any CHIM-A-LATOR model below for sizing details and order information.


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