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4" Black Smoke Guard

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4" High. Adjusts from 28.5" to 48" Long
Do small amounts of smoke leak out the top of my fireplace? This can be caused by an undersized flue or oversized fireplace. A sometimes simple solution is the addition of a Smoke Guard. The smoke guard reduces the size of your fireplace opening and may reduce it enough to create a proper draft. Not sure if a smoke guard will fix the problem? Try this simple test: Get some regular aluminum foil (kitchen variety) and pull out enough to span the width of your fireplace. Fold it so it is 4" high, tape to the front of your fireplace (simulating the use of a smoke guard). Light a fire and see if the foil helps contain the smoke. If it doesn't work then try using a 6" high or 8" high piece instead. Once you know if it will work come on back and get the right size...or leave the foil in place...chrome is in style...was? If it still doesn't work see