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Log Rack - Small

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Log Rack


    Logs stored on the ground deteriorate from moisture and are a breeding ground for rodents, termites, and other vermin. In fact, a growing number of communities have ordinances requiring that wood be stored off the ground. These log racks are constructed of durable, 18-gal., 1 ¼” outside diameter tubular steel. They feature a baked-on, polyurethane powder-coated, glossy black finish. The large rack holds ½ cord of wood, 87" long x 46" high x 14" deep (Item #10808), the smaller rack holds ¼ cord of wood, 45" long, 46" high x 14" deep (Item #10804). Vinal covers also available, with velcro fasteners 48", (Item #10810) and 90" (Item #10812)

Product Number:0110804