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Black Wood Stove Pipe


 Black stove pipe is used only as a connector pipe between a wood stove and the chimney. It cannot be used as a chimney system (installed inside of walls or attic, for example) and it cannot be used inside of a masonry chimney. Black stove pipe is single wall construction, 24 guage, and painted black with a high temperature paint. Be sure and use 3 screws to connect each pipe joint.

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Tech Support:
Black Pipe Installation

  • Put 3 screws into each pipe joint. This helps prevent the pipe from vibrating apart if a chimney fire occurs
  • The crimped (male) end of the pipe always points TOWARD the stove; this keeps creosote accumulation running inside the pipe rather than dribbling outside of it
  • Match the stove pipe to the flue outlet size on your appliance
  • Keep black pipe 18" from combustibles!
  • Use the straightest run possible. Do not exceed 3' of horizontal pipe unless the stove manufacturer specifically ALLOWS you to!
  • Use 1/4" rise for every 1' of horizontal run. Never allow stove pipe to slope downwards.
  • Don't use more than one 90 degree elbow
  • When installing a rear vent stove, exit the stove with a tee, not an elbow. This helps contain creosote buildup in the drop port on the tee.