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Ash Buckets & Coal Hods
Kickin' Ash! Buckets, Shovels, Coal Hods & Ash Containers

Embers can stay hot for days when insulated by ash. (By putting ashes and hot embers into a pliable leather skin, early man was actually able to transport fire.) You'll need a sturdy shovel to remove ashes, and ideally a covered, air-tight container to store ash until the embers and hot coals have been completely extinguished, which can be up to 3-4 days. Covered ash containers keep the ashes where you put them, and keep kids and pets from making a mess. Coal hods are often used as ash buckets, though we prefer the covered ash tin shown, which also has an insulated bottom to prevent transferring heat from hot embers to the surface below. Please do not place your ashes outside on a wooden deck or porch, as this hazard causes many home fires every year. Wood ash is a great fertilizer for certain plants and flowers, so recycle them when you can! Click any item below for complete order details.

Ash Hod
Ash Hod


Coal Hod, Black
Coal Hod, Black




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