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9 Oct 2006


Direct Vent Pipe: Dura Vent GS
Used with fireplaces and freestanding stoves that are classified as direct vent. Specified exclusively by nearly every major stove and fireplace manufacturer in the U.S. and Canada. Check your stove manufacturer's instructions to confirm vent pipe specifications.
Design: double wall construction; combustion air enters through the outer chamber and exhausts exit through the inner chamber.
Rear Horizontal Direct
Vent terminating through
outside wall

Vertical Direct Vent terminating through roof
Direct Vent GS has set the standard in design, construction, and performance for venting direct vent hearth appliances. Ideal for both side-wall venting, as well as conventional through-the-roof vent installations. Direct Vent GS offers solutions to meet all your venting needs.

Unitized construction eliminates field assembly of inner and outer flues
Twist-lock connections provide quick, positive, fastener free installation.
Precision pipe and fittings have been engineered for optimum appliance performance.
Factory painted pipe and accessories, with optional brass trim designer kits, provides the "finishing touch" for the new state-of-the-art direct vent gas stoves and fireplaces.