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9 Oct 2006

                               About Wood Heating
Today’s wood stoves burn longer, cleaner and more completely than older models, allowing less trips to the woodpile and less ash to remove.  Burning wood offers true energy independence and the satisfaction that comes from using a renewable energy source.

"Indians are plenty smart.
We catch small wood.
Build small fire. Stand close and stay warm all over.
White men not so smart. They catch big wood. Build big fire. Stand far away, burn face and freeze ass."
-- Henry Seely
When installing a wood stove, you have to make important safety commitments:  it must be installed precisely according to code requirements and the stove and chimney must be cleaned annually.  
Improper installation, inadequate maintenance and improper use are virtually always to blame if a home fire occurs. Locate a good wood supplier and burn only dry and seasoned natural firewood.

 Wood burning stoves should be chosen as much for features as for décor, and located in an area of your home with easy access for bringing in wood.  There should be good air flow so the heat generated will circulate to other areas of your home yet not overheat the room it’s in.  Avoid the temptation of buying a stove that’s too big for the area you’re heating, so you avoid poor performance and a dirty chimney.
Fireplace inserts are wood burning stoves designed specifically to insert into your fireplace.  Experienced wood burners will assure you that an insert with a ledge that protrudes onto the hearth will increase efficiency; if the power goes out, more surface area means more heat, and you can also cook on this surface.
Freestanding stoves can also be installed (in some cases) in front of a masonry fireplace or they can be connected through an existing wall thimble.  If you don’t have an existing chimney then we offer metal prefabricated chimneys for you, complete with a hearth for floor protection.

"It's been said that a long straight row of firewood standing in the yard in springtime is like money in the bank.
It is indeed.
As it dries in the summer sunshine, you're collecting interest."  -woodheat.org

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