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9 Oct 2006


Wood or Gas?
Choosing Your Hearth Appliance
Are you a dedicated wood burning enthusiast, or do you feel like the ease and convenience of a gas stove or gas fireplace might better suit your lifestyle? Find out more about the hearth product that’s just right for you.
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See Our Gas Stoves

Wood Stoves  
Wood is a renewable energy source and gives the comfort of complete energy independence—a great emergency heating option!  More beautiful, efficient  cleaner burning than ever, a woodstove may be your family’s best option.  See Wood Stoves

Gas Logs  
Love an open fire but not the hassle of toting firewood and cleaning ashes?  A gas log set beautifully simulates an open burning fire with complete ease and may be more economical than purchasing firewood.  No gas?  No problem.  Consider LP (bottled gas) as a convenient alternative. See Gas Logs

Gas Stoves & Inserts  
Just like their wood burning counterparts, a gas stove or insert can heat several rooms—or even an entire home— but with even, thermostatic controlled heat.  Freestanding and insert models in gorgeous decorator styles & colors.
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"To keep the fire burning brightly, there's one easy rule: keep the two logs together, near enough to keep each other warm and far enough apart --
about a finger's breadth --
for breathing room. Good fire, good marriage,
same rule."
-- Marnie Reed