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Prefabricated Stainless Steel Chimney Systems for Wood Burning Stoves;Double Wall Packed Pipe, Type HT

Metalbestos Chimney (Type HT) is tested to 2100°, the high temperature test of Underwriters Laboratories and is suitable for venting high efficiency “Air Tight” woodstoves,  and for gas or oil appliances. The HT test is administered as follows: the chimney is designed for continuous use at 1000°F but is also safety tested at 1400° for one hour and for 10 minutes at 2100° to simulate overfire conditions. Metalbestos chimney must be installed with a minimum 2” clearance to combustibles. See installation instructions for complete details. Installation by a qualified technician is strongly advised since improper installation is a severe safety hazard!

Three standard installation kits available as shown below, click any diagram for full details:


Pipe Exits Roof;
Flat Ceiling
Pitched Roof
Pipe Exits Roof;
Pitched Ceiling
Pitched Roof

Pipe Through Wall

We also offer Metalbestos Pipe & Components purchased separately:

Prices for components purchased individually
Stainless Steel Inside & Out; 2100 degree components/ Type 430
6" Dia.
8" Dia.
Note: installed length is 1.5" shorter on all lengths of pipe
3" pipe length
6" pipe length
9" pipe length
$ 70
$ 90
12" pipe length
$ 80
18" pipe length
$ 90
24" pipe length
36" pipe length




Insulated 15 Degree Elbow


15 degree Insulated Elbows can be used for fixed offsets of 15 degree slope or in pairs for offsets adjustable from zero degrees to 30 degrees slope. Greater angles are prohibited by UL standard 103 and by the terms of the product listing. A Locking Bands is required to join the elbows, which allows a 360 degree rotation and lock the components together in place at the exact offset required. Insulated Elbows can be used at the same two-inch air space clearance as chimney sections.


Requires 2 elbows for each offset


(1 pair)


(1 pair)


The 30 degree Insulated Elbow can be used for fixed offsets of 30 degrees slope. Greater angles are prohibited by UL standard 103 and by the terms of the product listing. A Locking Band is required to join the Elbows, which allows 360 degree rotation and lock the components together in place at the exact offset required. Insulated Elbows can be used at the same two-inch air space clearance as chimney sections.
R equires 2 for each offset


(1 pair)


(1 pair)


An ideal support assembly for freestanding fireplaces and open cathedral ceiling installations. Fits all roof pitches and requires only simple framing. Mounts easily on to top of roof through opening that allow 2-inch clearance. Maximum length of chimney which can be suspended below is 20 feet. Maximum total length is 30 feet. The Roof Support Package (RSP) contains one 18” length of pipe, roof brackets and necessary hardware. Locking bands must be used at each pipe joint when installing the RSP. Framing dimensions are 12”x*. * Dimension varies depending on pitch of roof.







A Roof Brace Kit can be used whenever there is a need to stabilize the chimney above the roof level. The purpose of the bracing is to hold the chimney against wind load; and to prevent damage from static and sliding snow. Up to 4’ above the roof requires no bracing. From 5’ to 10’ above the roof one RBK should be used, at a midpoint on the chimney. Over 10’ use one RBK 4’ from the roof and one RBK every 5’ thereafter. Adjusts from 4’ to 6’.







The Type HT Wall Support Kit has been tested for use fully enclosed and has been designed to carry up to 40 feet of chimney. The Wall Support is intended for use with the Insulated Tee as an interior or exterior support where the chimney has a lateral connection. It is also useful where the pipe connection passes through a combustible interior or exterior wall. Braces may only be fastened to the wall below the plate for chimneys which penetrate through the wall. Width 21”, Depth 18 ½”, Height 27”.







Interior Resupport assembly allows for two different methods of chimney resupport. The first method is used when an immediate section of chimney above the upper offset passes through a joist area. With the appropriate Fire Stop/Wall Spacer (WS) in place, clamp the support band around chimney and attach with six sheet metal screws. The second means of support is used primarily when the immediate sections of the upper offset do not pass through a joist area and resupport is necessary. The Support Band is clamped around the chimney immediately below a Locking Band. In both methods, the straps are nailed to suitable framing at two inch clearance. The 18 foot limit of supportable chimney length applies.







The dished, galvanized Fire Stop/Wall Spacer is required wherever the chimney passes through combustible floors or ceilings. It is also used on outside walls where a Wall Support Kit and Insulated Tee is used without an enclosure. The Fire Stop/Wall Spacer closes the gap around the chimney pipe and the framed opening. Overall dimension is 16” sq., framing dimension is 14” sq.







The Insulated Chimney Tee may be used to start chimneys indoors or outdoors using a Wall Support Assembly or a masonry pier. A length of insulated chimney pipe is attached to the Tee Snout, using a Locking Band, to pass safely through combustible walls. An Insulated Tee Cap is included which can be removed from the bottom opening for inspection and cleanout. Useable height of 12” tee is 18 ¾”. Maximum height of chimney which can be supported by an Insulated Tee is 50 ft.







The Wall Band is used along wall to provide for 2-inch clearance and assure stability. Also useful for suspending offsets. Required at 8 foot or closer intervals to stabilize the chimney, wherever it is supported along a vertical wall.







For use in new installations, this part can be installed by twist-locking the coupler on the DSAC into the bottom section of Model SSII Type HT chimney pipe. Length of adapter is 15”.







Used wherever a Ceiling Support, Finish Support, or Fire Stop is installed below an open attic. The Insulation shield is required to guard against the hazard of blown-in or blanket insulation filling any framed opening or contacting the chimney and possible storage of combustibles against the chimney. Adaptable design usable for new and retrofit installations. Half cylinder passes easily through ceiling openings between 16" O.C. joists. Part can be removed with-out cutting if attic is converted to habitable space and chimney is fully enclosed. Readily trimmed for reduced height installation close to eaves. Base of unit is 16” sq.







Part of the chimney system roof assembly, the Round Top is designed with a dome to exclude rain and leaves and a lower skirt to deflect wind for proper chimney draft. The Model SSII Type HT Round Top is designed with three legs that slide down over the outside of the chimney. A cinch band is then positioned over the legs and tightened to hold the top firmly in place.



$ 75


Spark Screen (SA)


Optional spark screen can be used on the chimney cap (above); required in California


Made of flexible expanded 18-8 stainless steel mesh with diamond shaped openings roughly 1/2 x 1 inch. Use to keep birds out when chimney is used for venting a gas appliance. Clean or replace whenever it becomes clogged with creosote



$ 25


$ 30
Storm Collar (SC)
The Storm Collar is designed to fit on the round chimney pipe just above the roof flashing. The upper edge of the Storm Collar should be waterproofed with plastic sealer to prevent any water from leaking between the Storm Collar and chimney pipe. Part is tightened with screws or tabs after proper positioning.








Flashings are used to seal the opening where the chimney penetrates the roof and to divert rain and snow down from the roof and away from the chimney system. A series of adjustable flashings are available depending on your roof pitch. A flat and low pitch flashing is used to seal flat and low pitch roof (up to 2/12 pitch) openings. To determine your roof pitch, measure the number of inches from the end of a level ruler down to the roof. A flashing for a 0/12 to 2/12 pitch has a base size of 32”. A flashing for a 2/12 to 6/12 pitch has a base size of 36 3/8”. For 6/12 to 12/12 pitch the base is 40 ½”.


AF-6 for 2/12-6/12 pitch Roof


AF-12 for 6/12-12/12 pitch Roof


Tall Cone:
TF Flashing for Flat/low pitch







(tall cone)






(tall cone)


The Ceiling Support (CSP), is unpainted and comes with a square trim plate only. With proper framing, all ceiling supports assure at least 2” minimum clearance to combustibles at the support level and can carry up to 50 feet of vertical chimney height. Sq. plate dimension 20 ½”, framing for support 18 ¼”Sq.







The Finish Ceiling Support (FSP-R), is finished in matte black and is available with a round trim plate. With proper framing, assures at least 2” minimum clearance to combustibles at the support level and can carry up to 50 feet of vertical chimney height. Round plate 19” dia., framing for support 12 ¼” Sq.




Support Box (SB)


The Support Box is intended for use when installing a Model SSII chimney under a narrow section of roof. It provides a finished installation at a ceiling level and will support up to 20’ of 6” or 8” diameter chimney. The part also can be used to provide shielding from insulation when installed in an unoccupied attic apace. The Support Box assembly is comprised of a black box designed for installation inside 16” O.C. joists, a cylindrical shield, support bucket, ceiling trim, and four screws. Height of box is 24” and is 14 ¼” sq.






Pitched Ceiling Plate


PCP2 fits 0/12 to 2/12 ceiling
PCP4 fits 4/12 to 4/12 ceiling
PCP6 fits 5/12 to 6/12 ceiling
PCP8 fits 7/12 to 8/12 ceiling
PCP10 fits 9/12 to 10/12
PCP12 fits 11/12 to 12/12


The Pitched Ceiling Plate provides a finished appearance where the chimney passes through sloped ceiling, available in various pitches from flat to 10/12. Available in black finish. Outside dimension of 6” plate is 19”.




























Used to make a conversion between a masonry chimney and a Metalbestos chimney, for example, to extend the height of an existing masonry chimney


The Anchor Plate also provides a secure attachment for chimney to smoke chamber outlet on masonry fireplaces. Stainless steel and heavy gauge steel construction for long life. Retains chimney with a twist-lock connection. Allows the use of a lightweight Model SSII Type HT or Model SSII Chimney on standard masonry fireplace, reducing footing loads and speeding construction. Base of 8” anchor plate is 11 ¼” square.







Round collar fits over lower end of suspended insulated chimney pipe to provide finished appearance. Available in matte black finish.







For all ceiling joist penetrations which are present below the roof (other than that in which a ceiling support is installed) the Firestop/Joist Shield (JS) must be installed. Acts as a firestop, stabilizes the chimney in the framed opening, maintains required air space and provides supplemental shielding for joist areas.







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